Guided Meditation Workshops for the Workplace

My philosophy is that everyone deserves to be happy. Happiness leads to harmony, health, creativity, and collaboration. Happiness as a society starts with our happiness as individuals. And a happy life begins with a happy mind.

Today's workplace can be rife with potentially stressful situations. Pressure to perform multiple tasks at an accelerated pace while dealing with issues at home or in our daily lives contributes to emotional stress and mental fatigue, both causes of illness and depression. My goal is to promote happiness and wellbeing in everyday life and in the workplace by helping people change how they are affected by stress. How? Through meditation.

Meditation is an effective practice for alleviating such stress and mental fatigue and for regaining health and happiness. By learning to focus, calm, and observe our often-overactive minds we develop a natural state of serenity and balance, creating happiness and wellbeing in our everyday lives.

My meditation workshops focus on helping people develop their own resources for a strong and stable sense of wellbeing in their everyday lives. I offer guided and interactive seminars based on the teachings and techniques of Calm Abiding (Shamatha) meditation. These sessions incorporate both theory and practice and participants are strongly encouraged to share any questions that might arise.

Some of the benefits of meditation in the workplace include: 

  • Greater harmony between coworkers and faster integration of new team members
  • A work day that incorporates moments that are both restful yet constructive, both for the individual and for the company
  • A heightened sense of well-being in the workplace
  • Increased focus and creativity, open-mindedness and tolerance
  • Greater resources for dealing with stress and confrontation
  • Better employee health
  • Decreased absenteeism

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